NEO was created to turn the 68 hectares of the Heysel Plateau into a real city district that is concurrently attractive to residents and visitors alike and extremely well connected to the neighbourhoods and the city centre of Brussels.

Innovative, ambitious, multifunctional, NEO will reorganize the Plateau to ensure that iconic monuments such as the Atomium and Palais des Expositions [Brussels Expo Exhibition Halls], which were built for the 1935 Brussels International Exposition can coexist harmoniously with functions dedicated to the quality of life (housing, culture, leisure, sport, …), economic development and the international prestige of Brussels. This re-urbanization goes hand in hand with a greening of the Plateau, which will provide 40% more green space. 

The reorganization of functions and activities is intended to improve all public spaces and the accessibility of the site. The transformation of the Heysel Plateau is carried out in several phases.