The project includes a strong strategy for sustainable development in mobility, energy and water.

It aims to be exemplary in terms of architecture and sustainable development in all areas. The most modern techniques will be systematically prioritized.

  • New constructions that meet the latest low-emission standards, designed to help extend their lifecycle. 
  • Economical use of energy, materials and water and their reuse. 
  • Permeability of the entire site thanks to hydro-absorbent surfaces. 
  • Layout of the Plateau to promote soft mobility links on the site. 
  • Exemplary Shopping District, used as a reference of best practices on the matter. 
  • Local generation of 20% of energy needs.
  • Rainwater collection and recycling.
  • Creation of ecological links to promote the movement of species between green spaces. 
  • Integration of the sports infrastructure into a new park layout.
  • Protection of large trees.