The development takes into account a phasing between the built programme, public space and infrastructure. This phasing takes into account the concessions underway in the area and the possibility of redeveloping or reclassifying existing programmes.

2007: the government of the Brussels-Capital region adopts an International Development Plan (IDP) to secure its prestige and appeal among Europe’s major cities. 

2010: Designation of KCAP as “Chief Urban Planner” among 35 candidates, to draw up a Masterplan for the area 

2012: Launch of NEO1 contract 


  • Inauguration of ING Arena, large multipurpose show venue with a capacity of up to 15,000 
  • Launch of NEO2 contract


  • Awarding of the NEO1 contract to Europea
  • Launch of NEO2 invitation to tender

2017: Designation of design office Omgeving as designer of the Parc des Sports


  • Awarding of the NEO2 contract to the CFE Cofinimmo Consortium 
  • NEO1 environmental and urban planning certificates obtained 
  • Application for a permit for the Parc des Sports 


  • Submission of applications for NEO1 permit 
  • Start of work on the connecting roadway and Verregat Park


  • Permits obtained for the Parc des Sports (an amending permit will be submitted in 02/2023)
  • Relinquishment of the NEO2 contract by the City of Brussels. The City and the Region are currently discussing the necessary foundations for NEO to develop a new convention centre within the Exhibition Centre.

2021:Acceptance of work for the part of the connecting roadway between Avenue Impératrice Charlotte and Chaussée Romaine.


  • Amendment to the NEO1 contract between the City and Europea to extend its validity until 2026.
  •  Inauguration of the Parc du Verregat, NEO’s first milestone

2023: Permit obtained from the Flemish Region for the part of the connecting roadway that concerns them


  • Start of work on the noise barrier for the connecting roadway
  • Order of the work of the tunnel and car park C exit road. Work will start in June 2024 and finish in 2026.
  • The COIB moves to the Buro & Design Centre, marking the first major milestone for the Sports Park. Deconstruction of the buildings will begin in August 2024, followed by the start of construction work in early 2025.