Green light for the connection road between Parking C and the Avenue Impératrice Charlotte

A permit was issued by the regional urban planning official of the Departement Omgeving [Department of the Environment] of the Flemish Region to Brussels Expo on 26 June 2023. This permit pertains to the construction of the portion of a connection road located on the territory of Flanders between Parking C and the Avenue Impératrice Charlotte via a tunnel under the Chaussée Romaine [Roman Road]. 

As no appeals were lodged before the deadline, this permit will be implemented shortly, with works due to commence in November.

The aim of the permit is to optimise car and logistical traffic to the plateau and to relieve congestion in the adjacent neighbourhoods and municipal roads. The connection road is part of a multi-modal project that includes the redevelopment and expansion of the Parc de Verregat so that pedestrians and cyclists can use the same route.

A significant step in the mobility plan for the plateau, this permit is the result of a collaborative effort with Flanders.