Kakelbontschool pupils temporarily move into the Royal Belgian Football Association building

As part of the construction of the Sports Park on the Heysel Plateau, the building formerly occupied by the Royal Belgian Football Association is set to be demolished, with work scheduled to start in July.

In the meantime, since September 2023, it has temporarily housed the 220 pupils and more than 30 teachers and staff of Kakelbontschool, a school located in Laeken, whose premises are currently undergoing extensive refurbishment.

The school’s management is delighted with this move, which ticks all the boxes from an educational, practical and economic point of view.

The large spaces and the high-capacity former conference room of the Belgian Football Union put at their disposal mean that Kakelbontschool can give free rein to the active teaching methods it favours. The school is also making the most of the opportunity to test new teaching methods, such as interclass work.

This temporary move has also enabled the school to save over €200,000 compared with a temporary installation in portable classrooms.

The NEO team is delighted with this temporary occupation, which makes economic and social sense. It also gives the children a chance to get to know the site, which, in a few years’ time, will be home to a magnificent Sports Park, and to take advantage of nearby green spaces such as the Parc d’Osseghem or the recently inaugurated Parc du Verregat a little further away.