March 2024 : A noise barrier to improve comfort for local residents

A noise barrier is currently being built along the link road between the Heysel Plateau and the Brussels Ring (ring road). Completion is scheduled for May 2024.

On-site tests have been performed to assess the current acoustic situation, along with modelling to simulate future traffic noise on the link road. The results of the analysis conclude that the main source of noise is the Brussels Expo unloading site and that the impact of the link road traffic will be marginal. A noise barrier has been designed to improve the comfort of local residents.

Corten steel is the primary material used for the wall. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, it comes with the non-negligible advantage of forming a protective layer of corrosion over the first few months. Once this layer has formed, the structure will no longer be subject to corrosion damage and will have taken on an orange-brown colour, as can already be seen on some of the parts installed.

This wall is an ideal addition to the mix of uses proposed by the NEO project, enabling residential, recreational, economic and tourist functions to coexist harmoniously.