July 2021 : Residents are already enjoying the redevelopment of the Parc du Verregat [Verregat Park]

Under construction since 2019, in the beginning of July the Parc du Verregat opened its doors to the public, who can already enjoy the redeveloped park and its new amenities, including sports and recreational facilities such as a playground, a basketball court and football pitch, ping pong (table tennis) and foosball tables, a sandbox, a dog area, etc. …

In order to relieve the congestion in the surrounding neighbourhoods, the park now boasts large walkways to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists heading from the Roman Road to the front of the Exhibition Halls and the King Baudouin Stadium.

The expansion and redevelopment of the Parc du Verregat are part of the transformation of the Heysel plateau undertaken by NEO.

NEO was created to turn the 68 hectares of the Heysel plateau into a bona fide part of city that is attractive for inhabitants and visitors alike. This ambitious revamping goes hand in hand with the greening of the plateau which will offer 40% more green spaces. Against this background, the Parc du Verregat will be increased in size from 14,000 m² to 34,500 m².