Heysel PRAS amendment soon to go to public enquiry

One year ago, in 2022, the amendment to the PRAS required for the redeployment of the Heysel plateau was put out to public enquiry. The many comments made during the 2022 public enquiry have been analysed by the Region and – as far as possible – incorporated into a “draft adapted Heysel PRAS”.

This “adapted Heysel PRAS project” was recently analysed by the Council of Ministers (April 2023), which – in view of the substantial modifications made on the basis of the comments from the 2022 public enquiry – decided to submit this adapted PRAS to a new public enquiry.

This “draft adapted PRAS” – which still provides for a ZIR (Zone of Regional Interest) – will therefore again be submitted to a public enquiry between now and the 2023 summer holidays, before returning once again to the government table at the end of 2023 (for final adoption).

NEO is delighted with the progress being made on this dossier, which sets out the future redevelopment of the Heysel plateau, identifying possible future uses (housing, shops, leisure activities, green spaces, etc.).

By the end of 2023, NEO hopes to have the legal basis required for the redevelopment of the Plateau du Heysel into a genuine “new part of the city”, with the aim of recreating the site’s historic lustre by accommodating ambitious functions, a broad social mix, high-quality architecture, exceptional accessibility (pedestrians, cyclists, public transport, cars, etc.) and ambitious environmental performance to make it a leading family, tourist and economic destination.
Stay tuned!