June 2023 : A busy summer on the Heysel plateau!

A great summer is taking shape on the Heysel plateau. All sorts of things are going on there at the moment alongside the public enquiry currently underway as part of the NEO project, which is charting the course for the redevelopment of the site, and the Couleur Café festival, which has just closed its doors after an ever so successful year! Activities that are particularly popular with visitors are on the agenda this summer. At the Planetarium, You must not miss the screening of Pink Floyd’s film The Dark Side of The Moon at the Planetarium, which invites you to discover a 360° film specially created to illustrate the ten tracks on the legendary album as it celebrates its 50th anniversary. The musical tracks are accompanied by images of the solar system mixed with visual effects designed with the participation of the graphic artist who created the album’s visuals. Further screenings are scheduled for 18 July, 1 and 16 August at 6:30 and 8:00 pm, but don’t delay – tickets sell out as soon as they box office opens! The Johnny exhibition has been exceptionally extended until 20 August due to its success. In a space of over 2000 m², visitors are plunged into the singer’s life, from his teenage bedroom to his identically reconstructed office in Marnes-la-Coquette, via America and Saint-Barth, where he now rests. This journey through the life and career of Johnny Hallyday is punctuated by musical, performing and personal memories, thanks to exceptional staging and an immersive experience. Fans of the TV series can take in the Friends exhibition on the Heysel stage, a choice venue after the international cities of Boston, New York and Paris, where the exhibition was a great success, as they will be able to recreate their favourite scenes and celebrate some of the show’s most iconic moments in an incredibly interactive experience. The particularly festive atmosphere of the moment is a prelude to NEO, which is intended to recreate a real ‘part of the city’ on the Heysel plateau, combining historical lustre and ambitious functions and leisure through housing, shops, green spaces, sports facilities, quality architecture, exceptional accessibility and ambitious environmental performance.